Coconut Chutney



1. Coconut (peeled and cut in small pieces) :- 1 cup

2. Chana dal (bhuna) :- 5 tsp

3. Green chillies :- 4

4. Garlic :- 2 pieces

5. Salt :- to taste

6. Water :- 1/2 cup (approximately )

For Seasoning:-

1. Oil :-2 tsp

2. Cumin seeds (jeera):- 1/4 tsp

3. Mustard seed (rai):- 1/ tsp

4. Dry red chillies :- 4

5. Curry leaves:- 10


Soak coconut,channa dal,garlic and green chillies for 5 minutes. Then put all things into blender,add salt and water and make a paste (add water, as needed, to help with the grinding). Before removing from blender, taste chutney to adjust the salt.

For seasoning heat the oil,add mustard seeds and wait till they crack. Then add cumin seeds,red chillies and curry leaves. Pour the seasoning mixture over the chutney.

Serve with dosa,idly ,wada,upma…….
Coconut chutney can be refrigerated up to a week.




1.Arhar dal:- 1 cup (split red gram)
2.Carrot :- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
3.Bottle gourd:- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
4.Onion :- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
5.Tomatoes:- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
6.Drumsticks :- 1 (cut into long pieces)
7.Green chillies :- 2 (cut into long pieces)
8.Red chilli powder:- 1 tsp
9.Turmeric powder :- 1/3 tsp
10.Samber masala :- 3 tsp
11.Salt :-to taste
12.Mustard seeds :- 1/4 tsp
13.Cumin seeds :-1/4 tsp
14.Red chillies dry:- 5 – 6
15.Curry leaves:-10
16.Tamarind:- 50 g
17.Oil:- 4 tsp
18.Water:- 1 litters


Place pressure cooker on flame with water. Then add dal,salt,red chilli powder,turmeric and all vegetables. Close the lid and cook on high flame for 5 minutes.Then after 5 minutes,slow down the flame and cook for 30 -35 minutes.

Mix samber masala into tamarind juice.Heat the oil,add cumin seeds and mustard seeds fry it  for a few seconds.Then add curry leaves and dry red chillies.After a minute add tamarind juice mixture and cook for 5 minutes.

Open the lid, mashed the vegetables and add samaber masala mixture in it .Cook for 5 minutes. Serve with dosa, idli, wada or rice.

Cheese Balls

1.Cheese grated (paneer):- 500g
2.Bottle gourd grated:- 1/4 cup
3.Besan (chana flour):- 1/4 cup
4.Red chilli powder:- 1 tsp
5.Coriander powder:- 1 tsp
6.Garam masala:- 1/4 tsp
7.Salt:- to taste
8.Oil:- for frying

Take a bowl and put all ingredients in it (not oil) .Now mix them well and make 20  small balls with this mixture.Then heat the oil and make them deep fry till their color turns into brown.Serve hot.

Koffta Curry



For balls
1.Bottle gourd(grated):- 1 bowl
2.Onion (grated):-  1/4 bowl
3.Ginger(grated):- 1/2 tsp
4.Paneer (cheese,grated):-1/4 bowl
5.Besan(chana flour):- 1/2 bowl
6.Red chilli powder:- 1/2 tsp
7.Coriander powder:- 1 tsp
8.Garam masala:- 1/4 tsp
9.Salt:- to taste
10.Oil:- for frying

For Curry
1.Onion (grated):- 1 bowl
2.Tomato(paste):- 1 1/2 bowl
3.Ginger and Garlic(mashed):- 2  tsp
4.Green chillies (paste):- 1 tsp
5.Red chilli powder:- 1 tsp
6.Turmeric(haldi):- 1/2 tsp
7.Coriander poeder:- 1 tsp
8.Garam masala:- 1/2 tsp
9.Cumin seeds(jeera):-1/4 tsp
10.Salt:- to taste
10.Oil:- 3-4 tsp
11.Coriander leaves(chopped):- 1 tsp

First of all squeeze grid bottle gourd and put in a bowl.Then add onion,ginger,besan and all spices in it.mix well.Now make 1 inch small balls of this.heat the oil and drop balls in it.Make them fry on medium flame till their colour turns into brown .


Heat the oil, add jeera, ginger garlic and fry for a minute.Put onion into this and cook till they turn in brown colour.Than add green chillies and all spices and fry for a minute.After a minute add tomatoes and mix well.Cook until oil start floating, then add 2 cup water and let it boiled.Now add balls into curry and cook for another 5 minutes.Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with prathas or rice.

Stuffed Bhindi

Bhari bhindi 2

1.Bindi(ladyfingers):- 500g
2.Onion paste:- 1 cup
3.Tomato paste:- 1 cup
4.Ginger,Garlic and Green chilli paste:- 1 TSP
5.Turmeric(haldi):- 1/2 tsp
6.Coriander powder:-1 tsp
7.Red chilli powder:- 1/2 tsp
8.Garam masala:- 1/4 tsp
9.Chat masala:- 1/2 tsp
10.Salt:- to taste
11.Oil:- 6 tsp

First wash bindi then let them dry.Cut the edges of bindi and make the long cut in the center of bhindi. Keep them a side for a while.Now we shall start stuffing,put pan on the flame and pour 4tsp oil. After two minutes add onion paste fry it untill onion change its colour into brown.Then add ginger garlic and green chilli paste and tomatoes.After few mintues add all spices and mix well. Cook for another 7-8 minutes.Stuff bhindi with this masala.Now heat the oil and add bhindi’s in it.Cook for 8-10 minutes.Serve hot with parathas.

Stuffed Tomatoes



1.Tomatoes large:-4

2.Onion finely chopped:-2

3.Garlic:-4-5 pieces

4.Green chillies:-5


6.Oil:-4 tsp

7.Haldi(turmeric):-1/2 tsp

8.Chat masala:-1/2 tsp

9.Black paper:-1/4 tsp

10.Salt:-to taste

11.Coriander leaves chopped:-2 tsp


1.Take a bowl put onion,garlic,paneer,green chilies,salt,haldi,chat masala  and 11/2 tsp oil. Mix well.

2.Take a pan put on the flame and pour 3-4 tsp oil .Add mixture in this and cook for 5 minutes.

3.Take tomatoes pull out all seeds and do stuffing with mixture.

4.Then put tawa on the flame and pour oil on it and add tomatoes.

5.Cook for 4-5 mintues.sprinkle coriander on it.

6.Serve hot with parathas.