Mughlai Parantha


For dough
1.Maida (all purpose flour):- 200g
2.Ghee (refined butter):- 10 tsp
3.Water:- to knead dough
4.Salt:- to taste

For filling:-
1.Minced mutton:- 200g
2.Bay leaves:- 2
3.Red chillies dry:-2
4.Garam masala powder:- 1 tsp
5.Salt:- to taste
6.Refined oil:- 2 -3 cups(to fry paranthas)

Mix the maida,ghee, salt and enough water to knead a dough and keep a side.For filling heat the oil and add bay leaves and red chillies.After a minute add garam masala,salt and minced mutton.Mix well.Than cover the pan with lid and cook over a low flame,till the mutton is cooked and soft.Add water time to time if             needed.Remove bay leaves and red chilli ,once the mutton is cooked. Now divide dough into 8-10 portions.Roll out each portion and rub ghee on it.Fold and roll once again into a thin chapati.Now heat the 1 tsp oil on tava and place the chapati in the center of a tava.Allow to fry over a flame. Keep filling in the center of the chapati and  fold from all sides to make a square.Turn gently and cook both sides on a low flame till it’s color turn into light golden brown on both sades.