English Names        Indian / Hindi Names

Beaten Rice          Poha

Bengal Gram          Chana

Black Gram           Sabut Urad Dal / Kali Dal

Black Eyed Beans     Chawli / Lobhia

Broken Wheat         Dalia

Chickpeas (brown)    Chana

Chickpeas (green)    Cholia / Hara Chana

Chickpeas (white)    Kabuli Chana

Gram Flour           Besan

Green Gram           Moong Dal

Horse Gram           Kulthi

Maize fluor          Maki Ka Atta

Puffed Rice          Kurmura

Red Kidney Beans     Rajma

Red Lentil           Massor

Refind Flour         Maida

Rice                 Chawal

Semolina             Rava / Suji

Split Bengal Gram    Chana Dal

Split Black Gram     Urad Dal / Kali Dal

Split Green Gram     Moong Dal

Split Red Gram       Tuvar Dal / Arhar Dal

Split Red Lentil     Masssor Dal

Wheat                Gehun

Wheat Flour          Gehun Ka Atta


Coconut Chutney



1. Coconut (peeled and cut in small pieces) :- 1 cup

2. Chana dal (bhuna) :- 5 tsp

3. Green chillies :- 4

4. Garlic :- 2 pieces

5. Salt :- to taste

6. Water :- 1/2 cup (approximately )

For Seasoning:-

1. Oil :-2 tsp

2. Cumin seeds (jeera):- 1/4 tsp

3. Mustard seed (rai):- 1/ tsp

4. Dry red chillies :- 4

5. Curry leaves:- 10


Soak coconut,channa dal,garlic and green chillies for 5 minutes. Then put all things into blender,add salt and water and make a paste (add water, as needed, to help with the grinding). Before removing from blender, taste chutney to adjust the salt.

For seasoning heat the oil,add mustard seeds and wait till they crack. Then add cumin seeds,red chillies and curry leaves. Pour the seasoning mixture over the chutney.

Serve with dosa,idly ,wada,upma…….
Coconut chutney can be refrigerated up to a week.



1.Arhar dal:- 1 cup (split red gram)
2.Carrot :- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
3.Bottle gourd:- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
4.Onion :- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
5.Tomatoes:- 1/4 cup (cut into small pieces)
6.Drumsticks :- 1 (cut into long pieces)
7.Green chillies :- 2 (cut into long pieces)
8.Red chilli powder:- 1 tsp
9.Turmeric powder :- 1/3 tsp
10.Samber masala :- 3 tsp
11.Salt :-to taste
12.Mustard seeds :- 1/4 tsp
13.Cumin seeds :-1/4 tsp
14.Red chillies dry:- 5 – 6
15.Curry leaves:-10
16.Tamarind:- 50 g
17.Oil:- 4 tsp
18.Water:- 1 litters


Place pressure cooker on flame with water. Then add dal,salt,red chilli powder,turmeric and all vegetables. Close the lid and cook on high flame for 5 minutes.Then after 5 minutes,slow down the flame and cook for 30 -35 minutes.

Mix samber masala into tamarind juice.Heat the oil,add cumin seeds and mustard seeds fry it  for a few seconds.Then add curry leaves and dry red chillies.After a minute add tamarind juice mixture and cook for 5 minutes.

Open the lid, mashed the vegetables and add samaber masala mixture in it .Cook for 5 minutes. Serve with dosa, idli, wada or rice.



1.Rice :- 3 cups
2.White dal:- 1 cup(split black gram)
3.Methyl:- 1/2 tsp (fenugreek seeds)
4.Poha :- 2 tsp (beaten rice)
5. Salt:- to taste
6.Oil:- 1/2 cup


Take a bowl, put rice ,dal, poha and methly wash them and soak for 7 – 8 hours.Drain all the water from the rice and urad dal  and make a paste with the help of mixture grinder. Add very little water if necessary to get  a smooth and slightly grainy paste. Put this paste into a large mixing bowl and add enough water to make a batter. The consistency of the batter should be such that it thickly coats a spoon dipped in it. Then covered this bowl and keep aside for 6 -7 hours.

Now dosa batter is ready, add salt (and water if necessary) mix well.Heat dosa pan (flat nonstick pan) and clean it with cloth which is dipped into a cold and salty water. Then pour few drops oil on it and gently pour one big spoon of  batter onto the center of the pan and make a shape of dosa ( spread the batter in sweeping circular motions to form a pancake )till the ladle is empty. Pour few drops of oil  oil all over the surface of the dosa and also around its edges.When the upper surface begins to look cooked (it will no longer look soft or runny), flip the Dosa. Allow to cook for 1 minute after flipping. The Dosa is almost done. Fold it in half and allow to cook for 30 seconds more. Serve hot with samber and  coconut chutney.

Mughlai Parantha


For dough
1.Maida (all purpose flour):- 200g
2.Ghee (refined butter):- 10 tsp
3.Water:- to knead dough
4.Salt:- to taste

For filling:-
1.Minced mutton:- 200g
2.Bay leaves:- 2
3.Red chillies dry:-2
4.Garam masala powder:- 1 tsp
5.Salt:- to taste
6.Refined oil:- 2 -3 cups(to fry paranthas)

Mix the maida,ghee, salt and enough water to knead a dough and keep a side.For filling heat the oil and add bay leaves and red chillies.After a minute add garam masala,salt and minced mutton.Mix well.Than cover the pan with lid and cook over a low flame,till the mutton is cooked and soft.Add water time to time if             needed.Remove bay leaves and red chilli ,once the mutton is cooked. Now divide dough into 8-10 portions.Roll out each portion and rub ghee on it.Fold and roll once again into a thin chapati.Now heat the 1 tsp oil on tava and place the chapati in the center of a tava.Allow to fry over a flame. Keep filling in the center of the chapati and  fold from all sides to make a square.Turn gently and cook both sides on a low flame till it’s color turn into light golden brown on both sades.

Fish Cakes

fish cakes 1

1.Onion :- 1 small
2.Ginger:- 1/2 inch
3.Garlic:- 7 pieces
4.Coriander leaves :- 1 tbsp (chopped)
5.Green chillies :- 2
6.Lime leaves :- 2 kaffir (or fresh lemon leaves)
7.Lemon grass 2 cm:- 1
8.White fish fillets,skinned and steamed :- 350g
9.Egg :- 1 beaten
10.Fish sauce:- 1 1/2 tsp
11.Potato,boiled and mashed:- 1 large
12.Crushed peanuts:- 1 tsp
13.Green beans:- 8 (thinly sliced)
14.Oil:- 4 tsp (for shallow fry)

Blanch the lime leaves in hot water and discard the central rib.In a food processor grind onion,ginger,garlic,green chillies and coriander leaves to paste.Add the fish,egg,fish sauce,potato and peanuts.Process till smooth.Now add beans and shredded lime grass.Mix well,shape into cutlets.Than heat the oil in pan and do shallow fry.

Chocolate Cake


1.Eggs :- 4
2.Icing sugar :- 1 bowl
3.Maida (refined flour) :-1 bowl
4.Vanilla essence :- 5 -6 drops
5.Chocolate syrup :-  for flavor and cream
6.Fresh cream :- 1 bowl
7. Butter :- 5-6 tsp (and for greasing the pan)
8.Grated chocolate :- 1/2 bowl
9. Gems cadbury :- 1 pack

In a bowl put eggs and sugar,beat them well.Then into this add maida, 2 tsp chocolate syrup,vanilla essence and 3 tsp butter.Mix well.And make a fine paste.
Now take a baking pan and do greasing with butter.Sprinkle few dry maida in it and  spread the batter and give the pan a few good shakes to remove any air pockets that might remain.

he first thing that you need to do in preparing your cake is to set your oven to 180°C, 350°F or gas mark.
Now put the cake into the oven (pre heat oven to 180°C) and allow it to bake or on gas flame (take tava and put mud lair on it then put cake pan on it).

Test the cake to see it is ready. Insert a wooden skewer into the center of the cake. The cake is ready when the skewer comes out free of
Once the cake is totally cooled, take a sharp knife and run it around the outside of the cake.It will take approximately 1 hour on gas flame.

For the fudge frosting, heat cream until it just begins to boil.Take it off the heat and add 50g butter,2 tsp chocolate syrup.Let it be cool on room temperature.

Apply this frosting on cake and decorate with gems and chocolate.